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Internet of Things Smart Space Research Team (IoT-s2o)

DS2OS – the Distributed Smart Space Orchestration System

We have a smart space and we develop smart software!

The Distributed Smart Space Orchestration System (DS2OS) is the constatnly evolving implementation of our research results.

It provides a basic middleware for storing and brokering state context between multiple computation devices (e.g computers, embedded controllers). The system is written in Java.

DS2OS provides:

  • A dynamically extensible ontology as base for crowdsourced or community-based extension.
  • A simplistic interface containing
    • String get([address])
    • void set([address], [value])
    • void subscribe([address])
    • List<String> search([type])
  • A full spatial and temporal decoupling of hardware and orchestrating control software
  • A structure for smart space orchestration
  • Many more elements that facilitate the development of control and gateway services for smart spaces.


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You can find the JavaDocs here.

Download Source

We offer the software under GPL3 license and are looking forward to your extensions. You can find the license text here.

You can download the source code from our GIT repository:

We are currently (fall 2015) rewriting the VSL code from scratch. Please come back to check out the new version in spring 2017.

        git clone ssh://

Joint Research Proposals

If you have ideas for interesting joint research, I am looking forward to you contacting me!

Current Test Results

You can find the current unit test results and other project relevant analysis results here.

Background Information

For information about the concepts and background of the system have a look at the publications list: