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Distributed Smart Space Orchestration


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Distributed Smart Space Orchestration

Implementing Pervasive Computing in the Real World

Marc-Oliver Pahl Welcome to my site! I am currently located at the Chair for Network Architectures and Services at the Technische Universität München. Together with changing teams I am working on making Smart Space Orchestration become reality.

Computing devices are more and more pervading our environments. Prominent examples are devices in our daily lives that can be controlled with our smartphones such as smart lights. The spaces that contain smart devices are called smart spaces.

In my research, I am working on how all the smart devices in our environment can be connected so that in the future you can install an App that wakes you up with your favorite song and a smell of fresh breakfast in the morning and all kinds of other magic that you can think of at the moment. I call this Smart Space Orchestration (S2O). Smartphones give us an idea of where the path may go with the difference that smart spaces are not limited by the shell of a smartphone, but a big part of our surrounding reality.

In a more formal definition, I am working on facilitating and structuring the management of distributed highly heterogeneous devices. For that purpose I am developing the Distributed Smart Space Orchestration System (DS2OS).

The vision of what I am working on is also called Ubiquitous Computing, or more specifically Pervasive Computing. Mark Weiser (1952-1999) introduces this vision in his often cited 1991 article.

You can find more details about my research, teaching activities, fun projects, demonstrations, people working with me, open thesis topics/ student assistant positions, and other interesting topics in the menu on the left.

If you are interested in a topic, want to cooperate with me as researcher, student, or industry partner feel free to contact me. If you have any questions, comments or just want to get in touch please feel also free to leave a message.

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