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Distributed Smart Space Orchestration


CPS workshop

with Joseph Sifakis and Vint Cerf online!

On using Deep Learning in Smart Spaces


Distributed Smart Space Orchestration

NOMS 2016 Dissertation Session talk online!

Smart Space Orchestration - How to make the Internet of Things smart?

talk at Eurecom online!

More info on MOOC4Masters

online (including an interview with Vint Cerf)!

more news...

A training conference for master students

In 2013 I introduced a new teaching concept for the master seminar at the chair for network architectures and services at Technische Universität München. Christoph Söllner provided very valuable support in the realisation of the experiment.

The new concept is as simple as successful: we run the seminar like a conference with CFP, deadlines, staff members as TPC, students as authors, and students and staff members as reviewers.

The landing page of the Autonomous Networks Conference 2013 - a training conference for master students at the Technische Universität München.

As conference system HotCRP is used. This is the conference management system that was used for different SigComm events for example.

Deadline page in the HotCRP.


A talk at the ACN2013.

Our experiment in summer term 2013 went extremely well. The students were all well prepared, produced good papers, and did good moderation. The review process, the session chairing, the deadlines... Everything went fine. Due to the large success we will continue the new mode with more students throughout the next semesters.

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